Another Reason to Enjoy Your Coffee


Italian scientists just published a study that states those who drink coffee everyday are 41% less likely to develop liver cancer. Refreshing news to those who love java, and to those who are health conscious. But what does it mean for people who abstain from drinking coffee and why does it lessen the chances for cancer?

Firstly, it must be noted that the study at hand only surveyed people through questioning and did not contain any complementary biological testing, so the actual outcome is merely observational. That said, it should also be noted that this isn’t the first time coffee and cancer prevention have been linked: A ten-year study done by Japan’s National Cancer Center found that those who consumed coffee were 50% less likely to develop cancer.

What should you do if you don’t drink coffee? Well, don’t start just because it seems like healthy choice. Coffee brings with it caffeine and causes those who consume too much to become jittery and less focused. A single cup a day is what the finding are saying is best for you. Right now the findings are simply anecdotal.

How does it work? Coffee contains many antioxidants and works as a diuretic helping to thin and filter blood easier. It may allow for better functioning of the liver, which means less stress and therefore a better chance at staying healthy.

All that aside, coffee only remains a good idea if you aren’t loading it with refined sugar, heavy cream, processed chocolate, or any of the other goodies people tend to put in. A good glass of black, organic coffee is what works best – and only once a day.