Benefits of Jarrow Brown Rice Protein

Shelves are lined with protein powder these days, and it isn’t hard to find information explaining the benefits of whey protein powders. But what about the benefits of brown rice protein? Vegetarians, individuals with food allergies, and people with gastrointestinal difficulties such as irritable bowel syndrome should seriously consider the benefits of brown rice protein powder

High Nutritional Value

Like other protein powders, brown rice protein powder offers protein, essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, carbohydrates, and fiber. An added benefit of brown rice protein powder is the lack of cholesterol, fat, sodium, and sugar, which makes this type of product an excellent meal supplement or meal replacement for those trying to limit overall calorie intake. 

Vegetarian-Friendly Protein Powder

Brown rice protein powder offers a supplemental source of dietary protein for vegans and vegetarians who choose not to use animal proteins. Vegetarians and vegans often have trouble consuming enough protein in their diet. Protein is an essential macronutrient that is needed for the formation and maintenance of many bodily structures, particularly muscle fiber. Advances in protein extraction methods means that brown rice protein powders can now be effectively separated from grain or starch. 

Allergen-Friendly Protein Option

Many people go through life frustratingly tolerating foods they shouldn’t be tolerating. Although minimal intolerances to egg, milk, or soy-derived protein can be survived, these slight difficulties can influence mood, weight, and other areas of optimal health. Severe intolerances, on the other hand, cannot be tolerated. Milk proteins like casein and whey can cause significant allergic reactions, including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, or even anaphylactic shock in extreme cases. Brown rice protein powder can provide an excellent source of protein that is well tolerated by almost any user. Brown rice protein powder is naturally free of gluten and generally contains no wheat, barley, or rye protein that is added by some manufacturers. 

Brown Rice Muscle-Building Protein

Muscles need protein to grow like we need air to breath. Intense weight training or physical activities breakdown muscle, and without protein to rebuild, muscle tissue won’t repair and grow. Brown rice proteins aren’t as quickly digested as other forms of protein like whey or soy, but they still contain all the important amino acids needed to build muscle strength and speed muscle recovery. 

Brown Rice Protein & Weight Loss

Recent research has found that protein powders can play a significant role in aiding in weight loss and dieting. Protein offers a feeling of fullness that can help you limit your overall calorie consumption. Other benefits of protein for weight loss include the thermogenic effect of protein that creates body heat during digestion. Proteins require a high amount of energy to digest, which means you burn a greater amount of calories after eating a high-protein meal. Starting your day with a brown rice protein shake can stimulate increased calory burning throughout the rest of the day, and this effect is amplified with early-day exercise. 

Jarrow Brown Rice Protein

Jarrow Brown Rice Protein is a high-quality source of hypoallergenic (allergen-free) protein and an effective alternative to soy and animal products. Formulated to provide a complete source of essential amino acids, Jarrow Brown Rice Protein is an excellent option for lactose intolerant individuals, vegetarians, or people with other problematic food allergies. 



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