Causes and Cures For Snoring

Snoring is a common problem and one that can be very annoying. It can be annoying to the person snoring, but it can be much more annoying for the person who is sleeping in the same bed.  Although snoring may not be too harmful, but indirectly it affects sleep patterns.  If the snorer or snorers partner is waking up throughout the night, they are not receiving the deep sleep needed to rejuvenate.

It is possible to become snore-free, but in order to do that you need to understand the cause of your snoring.  Some people are prone to snoring due to allergies, sinus infections or asthma, in which case they would need to look for solutions with their specific ailment – to unblock the air passage way.  For others snoring is hereditary (a narrow throat or enlarged adenoids) and males are more likely to snore then females because of their narrow air passages.  These are examples of causes that are somewhat beyond our control.  But many people snore because they sleep on their back, which relaxes the throat and blocks the airway, smoke, drink too much alcohol or are overweight.  Yes, being overweight or out of shape can contribute to snoring , as the poor muscle tone and fatty tissue can make air passage difficult.

If you are a snorer, you may find a remedy in the following.  Lose weight and get in shape. Start exercising and eating better and you may find your breathing improve and the snoring stopped in no time.  Try elevating your head, this will help your tongue and jaw move forward – hopefully enough to stop that annoying rumble.  Try sleeping on your side. Which may fix the problem literally over-night. Alcohol, medications and certain foods such as milk may be the culprit.  Anything you can think of that may be relaxing the throat muscles or causing mucus build-up. You may want to try a trusted snoring aid, such as Snore Stop Extinguisher.  It has worked for thousand and may work for you.  Good luck and sleep sound.