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Feeling down? Well, you’re not alone. It is reported that one in five people in the U. K. suffer from depression, while 9.5 percent of the American population, or as many as twenty million people, also experience intense depressive symptoms each year. The definition of depression (clinical depression) is a lasting state of sadness, or a feeling of melancholy, that has no apparent root cause and lasts for extended periods of time.

The reasons for depression are many. Physiologically, some people are genetically predisposed to becoming depressed. It is also possible to advance the onset with habits such as drug or alcohol abuse. Diet, sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or medical conditions can all result in depression.

Socially, there are also cues that can trigger the onset. Problems at work, stress, or even early life experiences such as abuse and neglect can all be catalysts.

The feelings associated with depression can make it impossible to function in a normal way. Difficulty making decisions, extreme fatigue, apathy, loss of sex drive, and crying spells are just a few of the symptoms. For a more complete list, click here.

Luckily depression is a treatable condition. Shifts in diet, reduction of alcohol and drug intake, and talking with a counselor can all help to fight it. There are also ‘mood enhancers’ which are natural, non-chemical options that increase the bodies ability to process serotonin (the happy chemical that exists in our systems). St. John’s Wart, GABA or SAMe, are great options to assist in the fight against depression.

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Depression can be treated

Depression can be treated with medicines and mood enhancers but if left untreated may lead to health risks.There have been incidents of serious cases like suicide in cases of deep depressions so we should not take it lightly once we're being diagnosed of Depression. Instead of anti depressant pills or mood enhancers I feel that if a member of the family is undergoing depression family members should help by trying to create a more happy atmosphere at home, by trying to talk, because a person undergoing depression needs to open up and share. Failures in life, inferiority complex and unhappiness have been linked to the cause of depression.