Got Milk?


Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the body. It makes up roughly three pounds of body mass in men and two pounds in women. And being that is such a huge component of our make up, it is very important to get your daily dosage.

It is commonly observed that calcium is responsible for strong teeth and bones, but it does much more than just that. Here is a short list of things calcium is responsible for:

- Aiding with blood clotting systems

- Production of enzymes and hormones that help with digestion

- Maintenance of cells

- Reducing the incidence of premature heart problems

- Assisting muscle contraction

With such an array of responsibilities it’s easy to understand why you should be making sure you get enough. Dairy is a great (but not the only) source of calcium. Cottage cheese, yoghurt and other milk products will have large amounts. For those who have problems with dairy, calcium can be found in dark leafy green foods like spinach, cabbage, collard greens or seaweeds. Cooked dried beans or peas are also a great source, as is canned fish (with the bones) like salmon, or sardines. There are also supplements that will deliver calcium.

Eating the right foods is the best way to prevent disease. Consuming enough calcium will help reduce the risk of hypertension, and will assist you in keeping strong bones as you age, preventing you from experiencing bone weakness (often in the jaw and backbone).

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