The Many Benefits of Iron


Your blood needs to breathe. Working out pushes blood throughout your body in order to feed the muscles that are doing overtime. But without the proper amount of Iron in your diet, some of the oxygen may be getting missed.

Fitness guru Denise Austin recently wrote that, 'Iron helps your body build red blood cells, which in turn carry oxygen to everything form your brain to your toes!' She suggests eating a diet filled with iron-rich foods and even comments, 'A daily multivitamin can also cover the bases.'

Foods such as red meat and eggs are loaded with iron, as are green vegetables like kale and spinach ' they offer the much needed chlorophyll that helps to reduce acidity by carrying oxygen through our blood. Dried nuts, beans, molasses and even cinnamon are also oxygen giving, iron-rich options.

Iron deficiency can have all kinds of warning signs. If you find that you're easily irritated, fatigued or distracted it may be because you are not providing enough oxygen to your blood. (Anemia is another chronic result of low iron, but that may the result of something other than a diet lacking iron, and should be treated by a doctor.) Getting your diet sorted out through supplements is a great way to get back on the path to balanced health. Astronutrion offers several iron-rich supplements that will kick-start your oxygen absorption. For a list of some of the items on offer, click here.

Remember that you need to keep a well balanced diet and that simply consuming iron-rich food's is not sufficient. In order to process iron your body needs to have plenty of Vitamin C (think orange juice or cantaloupe). Regular exercise will also help you process more iron, and here's the great news that everyone loves ' White wine acts as an iron absorption enhancer!

So, cheers. Have a glass of wine with your cantaloupe or multivitamin and watch your energy rise, irritability disappear, and focus return.