Heavy Eyes? Fight Fatigue With These Around-The-Clock Energy Boosters


No, you don’t need caffeine or an energy drink to get yourself through the day, or even a power nap to re-energize. When you start to feel a slump coming on all you need to do is follow these quick tips to instantly shake the fatigue.

1. Hydrate Yourself: Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining energy. A big glass of water will do the trick, or soda water with lemon. Tea is another good energy booster.

2. Bed and Breakfast: A good night’s sleep will help overcome energy lulls during the day. A healthy breakfast is sure to get the blood sugar perking.

3. Grab a (Balanced) Snack: Rev up your energy levels with a small snack of carbohydrates and protein, like fruit, veggies, rice cakes, cereal bar, or trail mix.

4. Eat Before You Exercise: To fuel your body pre- and post workout choose small snacks containing low-fat protein (to help repair muscle tissue) and carbohydrates (to help your body perform the physical activity and replenish blood glucose afterward).

5. Get Moving: Small bursts of physical activity can be very energizing and help you think more clearly. Get up out of your office chair every hour, take the stairs, get active.

So whether you’re at work or at the gym, take these tips into consideration to stay productive and focused next time you feel yourself slowing down. That vending machine chocolate bar will only give you a 5 minute high before the comedown makes you feel even more tired.