Overcome Struggles With Optimism


How much power does your mind have over your body? The jury is still out on this one but many studies have found that having a positive attitude , especially in the worst of times can not only help you overcome struggles but possibly help you cure disease and common ailments.

When a person is depressed or feels “down in the dumps”, certain brain hormones become depleted. This can lead to many different biochemical reactions in the body that can weaken the immune system. On the flip side, being optimistic can lead people to feel happier overall. Being happy stimulates the body to release certain hormones that can actually boost your immunity. One study on the subject concluded that individuals who actually worked on being optimistic and learning the skills to cope better with their emotions had fewer physical problems and were healthy overall. In the study, a number of university freshmen were asked to complete a questionnaire designed to reflect their overall attitudes and coping behaviors. When the results were studied afterwards, those that were rated the most pessimistic were asked to partake in the study. The students were then asked to attend a workshop or a control group. Those in the workshop were taught how to get rid of their negativity and were coached on how to develop certain social and work related skills to avoid depression .  After 18 months, the participants were followed up with to find out about their mental health. 22% of the workshop participants had experienced depression whereas 32% of the control group had been depressed in that time. Also, 7% of the individuals in the wrokshop had experienced anxiety and 15% of those in the control group had. It was also determined that those who attended the workshop were in better overall health and were more likely to go to the doctor for regular check ups.

Fortunately, even if you aren&undefined;t an optimistic person by nature, it can be learned. Many people do not feel like they have much of a say when it comes to their own emotions but this is actually quite wrong. If you learn the skills to cope with your feelings you can become more in control of the situation and learn to be be a more positive, healthy and happy person.