Silver Tops Gold in Antibiotic Race


Gold, silver and bronze – a hierarchy of minerals set out to celebrate achievement. Silver may be second place in the Olympic scale, but when it comes to your heath, gold takes a back seat.

Colloidal silver is a solution of de-ionized water in which tiny pieces of silver are suspended. It is proven antibiotic that was used centuries ago in the belief that it could cure tainted water and food. Silver goblets were used for drinking wine, and canteens are still often lined with silver to keep water clean, cool and tasting pure.

Colloidal silver is being re-discovered as an antibiotic that isolates foreign bodies within our blood. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which serve as a blanket cure killing good cells as well as bad, silver works only on single-celled organisms. It leaves our bodies strong and able to fight illness naturally.

The particles of silver in a colloidal solution work by attaching themselves to single-celled viruses, bacteria’s, or other pathogens found within the blood. This attachment prevents the oxygen enzyme from functioning, essentially suffocating the toxic cells until they die. Luckily silver only works on single-celled organisms and is completely safe for humans, animals, plants or any other multi-celled organism.

The benefits of silver are long, and can be used to help plants or animals. It will help fight parasites, prevent infections and can assist in rehabilitation after an injury. So if you are thinking you might want to take care of yourself without using chemicals, try looking into silver, and see just who comes out in first place.