The Benefits of a Strong Core

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If an apple has no core does it exist? It’s a silly question, but not one that doesn’t have merit. When you think about working out and getting stronger, with bigger muscles or a toned body, do you think about what is holding it all together?

It’s the core. Like a fresh juicy apple, the core is what holds all the better looking parts together.
It’s not enough to only target one section: the biceps, the abs, the chest, etc. If you want to feel complete with lasting strength and body mass you need to peel away the juicy bits and hit the middle.

Core training is the base note of all workouts, yet many people aren’t sure how to extend their routine in order to develop it. Exercises designed for building balance and strength, and ones that can be done while using an exercise ball are generally great for core workouts.

Also, using free weights will allow for a broader scope of achievement than using machines.

The reason interior strength is so important is that just about every motion made by the human body is initiated in the core. Lunges, twists, running, swimming, and weights – almost everything starts with the abs, hips and lower back, which is where the ‘core’ of the body is. Yoga practitioners, as well as dancers and athletes, have long known the benefits.

Here is just a quick list of the benefits to a strong core:

- Reduction of injury risk

- More comfort with sitting (either in office chairs, or just in general)

- Serves to increase balance, letting you isolate other muscle groups

- Increases energy

- Improves posture

- Aids in sports development

If you are interested in strengthening your core, click here for some suggestions of possible exercises.

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I heard Core exercise uses a

I heard Core exercise uses a ball to strengthen the abs, back and pelvis. It's true targeting only in one section of the body is not beneficial for the entire body and this exercise seems the right one but the ball which is the main focus, the main prop with which we have to work out just sounds impossible for heavy people. It'll be very difficult to get that balance so at the moment yoga sounds safer to me of course that too without the complicated movements.