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Adenergy with Peak ATP

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Quick Overview

Adenergy is NOT another "new" product based entirely upon old, rehashed ingredients and ideas. Instead, Adenergy employs a revolutionary new ingredient: stabilized adenosine triphosphate (PEAK ATP), plus some of nature's best antioxidants and thermogenics to become a truly innovative supplement that IS energy, performance, and weight control all in one.

Optimum Nutrition Adenergy with Peak ATP

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Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

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Adenergy is NOT another "new" product based entirely upon old, rehashed ingredients and ideas. Instead, Adenergy employs a revolutionary new ingredient: stabilized adenosine triphosphate (PEAK ATP), plus some of nature's best antioxidants and thermogenics to become a truly innovative supplement that IS energy, performance, and weight control all in one.

Adenergy with PEAK ATP
• Improves physical performance
• Benefits muscle growth
• Helps strengthen skeletal muscle
• Supports recovery of fatigued muscle
• Enhances vascular health and promotes blood flow to peripheral sites
• Elevates tissue and blood ATP levels

Adenergy is the only legitimate ATP supplement in the sports nutrition industry. Adenergy with PEAK ATP is protected by eight U.S. and international patents (with several others pending) and utilizes exclusive, regio-selective delivery technology. Adenergy with PEAK ATP effectively expands red blood cell and blood plasma (extracellular) ATP pools, resulting in the expansion of peripheral tissue (muscle) ATP pools. Don't bother looking for PEAK ATP anywhere else in the sports nutrition industry, because this exciting new ingredient and the intellectual property that it is backed with can be found only in Adenergy.

Adenergy is backed by real science
, the primary active ingredient in Adenergy, has been the subject of over a decade of ongoing research at prestigious universities around the world. In the latest performance evaluation study, Adenergy'sTM primary active ingredient, PEAK ATP, led to significant improvements in 1RM and the total number of repetitions performed, as well as an increase of over 170 pounds in total lifting volume - all in just two weeks.

Those in search of the "ultimate pump" need look no further than Adenergy. Unlike other products claiming to dilate your blood vessels and add real muscle, Adenergy actually delivers. In addition to naturally boosting the body's nitric oxide production, PEAK ATP also acts directly upon the blood vessels, stimulating blood flow that parallels what is seen in active, exercising muscles. PEAK ATP also increases blood flow to the brain, decreasing the perception of exercise-induced pain and fatigue. Thus, Adenergy with PEAK ATP helps ensure your most powerful workouts ever!

Adenergy offers serious fat burning potential
Combining ATP, caffeine, theophylline, and polyphenols (including EGCG) in precise proportions, Adenergy supports thermogenesis and fat dissolution through antagonistic binding to receptors on the surface of adipocytes (fat cells). The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has allowed patent claims covering weight loss and the prevention of additional weight gain by externally consumed ATP and its in vivo product, adenosine.

If there's only one supplement in your cabinet, make sure it's Adenergy. Whether your goal is increased energy, strength and size, or to be leaner, no other product is backed by so many prestigious scientific publications, is as complete, as patent protected, or as revolutionary as Adenergy.

More Strength: Adenergy seems to positively influence athletic performance by increasing blood flow and the subsequent delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles. The combination of ingredients in Adenergy is also believed to facilitate the removal of metabolic waste materials, which can accelerate fatigue and localized muscle pain.

More Energy: the compounds in Adenergy have been demonstrated to increase regional cerebral blood flow, thereby helping to increase mental focus and concurrently reducing the perception of exercise-induced pain and fatigue. In addition, some of the ingredients in Adenergy may help liberate free fatty acids, which can then be oxidized (burned) for fuel.

More Lean Muscle: Adenergy combines polyphenols, catechins (including EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate - a powerful, multipurpose antioxidant found in tea), theophylline, caffeine, and PEAK ATP in precise proportions to support weight loss and help gradually decrease fat mass. Unlike other weight-loss aids that rely very heavily upon potentially overpowering doses of stimulants, one serving of Adenergy contains about 75% less caffeine than what's found in a cup of coffee. Instead, Adenergy helps increase thermogenesis through a novel, patent-pending approach involving antagonistic binding with receptors on the surface of adipocytes (fat cells). Despite the powerful combination of ingredients, Adenergy alone is not likely to melt away fat or pack on pounds of muscle. FOr greater results in less time, combine Adenergy with a sensible diet (weight-control) and/or a sound resistance-training program (for more muscle mass).

What's in AdenergyTM?
is an exciting new ATP ingredient developed by Technical Sourcing International, Inc., based upon decades worth of research by Dr. Eliezer Rapaport, a world-renowned ATP expert. PEAK ATP uses proprietary regio-selective delivery technology to bypass the harsh, acidic environmental conditions of the upper-digestive tract (which would otherwise destroy ATP) and target the small intestine. Once in the small intenstine, PEAK ATP is absorbed and expands the body's ATP "pools." Even small expansions of these stores have been shown to have a number of physiological benefits. The potential of PEAK ATP is so extensive; it's under heavy protection by eight U.S. and international patents, with several more pending.

Lactoferrin is a member of the transferrin (iron-transporting) family of compounds and acts as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory agent by binding with free iron compounds.

Though most commonly used to increase alertness and energy levels, caffeine has also been shown to improve athletic and mental performance, increase the metabolic rate, and stimulate the release and oxidation of free fatty acids. More recently, caffeine was also reported to have reduced exercise-induced muscle pain in cyclists more effectively than a popular OTC analgesic.

Polyphenols & Catechins
Found in varying amounts in a number of different foods, polyphenols and catechins are exceptionally abundant in green, black, and white teas. When consumed, these compounds pass along a seemingly endless array of potential health benefits, which are largely related to their potency as antioxidants. Athletes and dieters have valued the effect that a well-rounded blend of polyphenols and catechins (especially one known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG) has on resting metabolism and thermogenesis. When taken in conjunction with caffeine, these phytochemicals have been shown to increase the metabolic rate statically more than what would be gained from caffeine use alone.

What is ATP?
ATP, or adenosine 5'-triphosphate, is a major human metabolite that is naturally found inside and outside every cell of your body. ATP is largely understood to be responsible for the energy needs, function, and survival of cells, as well as the regulation of many physiological responses within the body.

Most notably for athletes, ATP acts as the body's primary "energy currency" and is used to power nearly all body functions, movements, and reactions from the simplest to the most complex. ATP also plays a significant role in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues as well as the removal of waste products by supporting vasodilatation (opening of the blood vessels) similarly to what is seen in exercising muscles.

Why do I need ATP?
It has been suggested that ATP is second only to DNA (the genetic code for all living organisms) in importance. In fact, the need for ATP is universal, because every living organism, from the simplest of bacteria, to the most complex forms of life

There are billions of ATP molecules present in the body at any given time; however, even this amount supplies only a few seconds of energy. Thus, your body is constantly producing ATP and recycling spent molecules to meet the needs of energy, function, and survival.

Will Adenergy affect my body's natural production of ATP?
While the PEAK ATP in Adenergy will increase ATP levels within hours of consumption, there are no indications that the use of AdenergyTM affects natural sythesis of ATP. Consequently, "cycling" the product probably is not necessary.

Who else makes products that contain ATP?
At present, only Optimum Nutrition is licensed to manufacture and distribute products containing PEAK AT for performance, energy, and weight loss.

Though Adenergy is sure to appeal to a wide variety of individuals for equally diverse reasons; dieters and athletes will likely find Adenergy particularly useful.

Dieters will appreciate the way that Adenergy enables them to combat the low energy levels and overall negative moods associated with reduced caloric intake, while concurrently attacking body weight through enhanced thermogenesis.

The ingredients in Adenergy have been shown to statistically improve strength performance when taken in efficacious doses daily for at least two weeks straight (see "How much Adenergy do I need to take?" for dosing info.). Both quantitative (directly measurable increases in strength and muscular endurance) and qualitative (feelings of having more energy or needed less recovery time) are evident after a few weeks of use.

Those seeking increased power, strength, and ultimately greater muscle size should combine Adenergy with high intensity resistance training. Consuming a small meal consisting of quality protein and carbohydrates about 60-75 minutes before training and performing lower-volume, higher intensity (i.e., fewer reps with heavier weights*) exercise during your workout should further augment a positive response. Likewise, those taking Adenergy to support weight/fat-loss, will most certainly see better results when combined with a sensible, reduced calorie meal plan.

For best results, supplementation should be maintained for a minimum of two weeks staight; research has shown that AdenergyTM imparts a number of benefits through consistent, long-term dosing.

  1. This worked well for me. I had no jitters and I did not experience any nausea. The energy seemed to come on slowly and steadily ...
    4 5

    This worked well for me. I had no jitters and I did not experience any nausea. The energy seemed to come on slowly and steadily and it lasted quite a long time. My abs definitely benefited.
    I took 2 caps 1 hour before my workout, 3 times a week. To avoid building a tolerance I didnt take anything on my non workout days. It did seem to work but when I was nearly finished the bottle some tolerance was noticeable.
    I'd like to try the Fubar next as a comparison, but this is definately a very good product.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU PC51
Manufacturer No
Form No
Ingredients Serving Size: 1 Caplet
Servings Per Container: 90

Ingredient Amount Per Serving:

Calcium 20mg 2%
Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate Disodium (PEAK ATP) 125mg
Proprietary ADENERGIZING BLEND: 406mg
ATP, caffeine, theophylline, and polyphenols (including EGCG)

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Other Ingredients:

Enteric Coating (enteric polymer [methacrylic acid / methylmethacrylate], titanium dioxide, triethyl citrate, talc), Calcium Citrate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, diCalcium Phosphate, Solutab, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

Directions: Based on your body weight (170 Lbs. or less take 1 caplet in the morning and 1 caplet at night. Above 170 lbs. take 2 caplets in the morning and 1 caplet at night) take one or two caplets immediately upon rising in the morning. Take an additional caplet approximately 2 hours after your afternoon meal.

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