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Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts - Cutting Stack - 42 packs

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Animal Cuts stands head and shoulders over the average thermogenic as a true comprehensive formula. If you check the ingredient list on the leading fat burners they usually list caffeine, ephedrine, maybe an aspirin derivative of some kind. In other words all the stuff that one would expect to find in a standard thermogenic that follows the classic E/C/A stack formula that has been around for years.

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts - The Complete Cutting Stack

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The Ultimate Fat Burning Pak!

When it comes to working out let's face it, cardio is not exactly the most exciting thing you can do in the gym. Its repetitive, tedious and boring. Its also absolutely crucial to your overall physical fitness. But where would be the harm in making all that boring cardio a little easier? Make all that time you are forced to spend on the stationary bike or the stepper more efficient? With Animal Cuts you can get the same edge that pro body builders enjoy. With the raw power of Animal Cuts whether you are getting ready for a show or just simply want to get your body into its best shape ever, you'll have an edge.

There is nothing else on the market that is quite like Animal Cuts. Most of the “fat burners” out there are just thermogenics, but Animal Cuts is a lot more than that. The Animal Cuts formula is really the only complete cutting formula available.

Take a look at the ingredient list on some of the other fat burners. Ephedrine, caffeine, sometimes an aspirin derivative of some kind. Some have other mystery ingredients but it can be hard to tell what those might be. These products are basic thermogenics. They are modeled after the classic E/C/A stack. And for some people they work very well.

But the E/C/A Stack does not work for everyone. Maybe you have been taking an E/C/A stack product for some time. Maybe you have more than one Starbucks on your way to work and more than a few glasses of soda during the day. It is very easy for the body to become de-sensitized to the ingredients that make up the E/C/A stack and those products will simply not be effective anymore.

In the case of some individuals the problem transcends thermogenics. Your body may have difficulty releasing stored fat. Or you may have a sluggish thyroid. The thyroid releases hormones that control your metabolism so if yours is not firing on all cylinders it can be a problem. People who are insulin resistant have a problem shedding body weight as well.

You may not even have a problem with fat, but with water weight. Even those with low body fat levels can lose out because their bodies are simply storing too much water.

The basic point of all this is that many people need to overcome a number of different obstacles in order to achieve the maximum cuts and separations they are after. That is why perhaps the fat burners you have tried in the past did nothing for you although they worked wonders for your buddies. You wee just not using one that was suited to your individual needs.

Animal Cuts is more than a little different. Each individual pack contains more than 28 different active ingredients. For 21 days you will get almost 7,400 milligrams of amazing fat shredding power. There are nine very distinct components that make up the Animal Cuts formula, each of which is included in every pack. Not only does Animal Cuts contain a thermogenic complex but it also features: a lipotropic complex, a metabolic complex, a diuretic complex, a thyroid complex, insulin potentiators, neurotransmitter and nucleotide regulators as well as the unique Animal Cuts complex.

The thermogenic component of Animal Cuts is one of the most potent available anywhere. Octopamine, Tyramine, L-Theanine, PEA, bitter orange extract (synephrine) and green tea are just some of the fat shredding ingredients in Animal Cuts, which increases thermogenesis and shifts substrate utilization in favor of fat oxidation. Translated into plain English that means it burns fat without damaging the lean muscle mass you have been building.

A lipotropic is an agent that helps release fatty acids from the liver to be burned by the body as pure energy. A good lipotropic also ensures more efficient fat metabolism. With ingredients like choline citrate, betaine hydrochloride, and inositol monophosphate the lipotopic complex in Animal Cuts will meet thew needs of even the most demanding of athletes.

For your metabolism guarana has been standardized for caffeine works in harmony with the green tea to significantly raise your core metabolism. The Carnitine in Animal Cuts is there to help transport fatty acids to the mitochondria of the cells in your body, ready to be burned for extra energy.

Then there s that troublesome water weight. When it comes to decreasing that puffy bloated look that water retention causes there is nothing better than Animal Cuts. And the dehydration that other diuretics often cause, which robs muscles of their pump and size is not a problem with Animal Cuts as potassium has been added to the formula to prevent that kind of loss of definition.

A great many athletes diet as they train. The downside to this behavior is that often the thyroid begins to function less efficiently. The hormones needed for your body's efficient metabolism and lipolysis.
functions are decreased. In scientific terms that means that fewer of a thyroid hormone known as T4 are converted into the more efficient T3 hormones. This goes a long way to explaining why dieters eventually hit a “wall”. Animal Cuts contains a special complex that supports efficient thyroid function and therefore a metabolism that functions well.

Insulin also plays a crucial role in the weight loss process. If your body is insulin resistant it can be hard to lose weight because increased insulin levels are a signal to your body to begin storing, not shedding fat. Animal Cuts ensures that your body regulates insulin the right way and therefore you can begin losing weight again.

Rounded out by the exclusive Animal Cuts complex, which helps keep your energy levels high and your brain chemistry balanced this is one single product that can help reduce your appetite, maximize carb metabolism, cut those sugar cravings and raise your energy levels. Now that is what you call a complete complex!
  1. Animal Cuts review
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    Animal Cuts fat burner is brought to us by Universal Nutrition, the makers of Animal Pump, Animal M-Stack, Animal Stak and a variety of other “animal” products. The Universal Nutrition’s product series have continuously acquired a great deal of interest due to their unique “hardcore” image and “can” packaging. Following suit to their other products, there is an extensive blend of ingredients found in Animal Cuts as well.

    The formula used in developing Animal Cuts is broken down into a variety of complexes:

    1. Thermogenic Complex: phenylethylamine, octopamine, synephrine, EGCG, 1-thiamine and tyramine. Phenylethylamine, otherwise known as a “feel good” chemical found in chocolate. Tyramine and Phenylethylamine are most likely included in the formula due to their ability of encouraging the release of various neurotransmitters. Monamine oxidase metabolizes both tyramine and Phenylethylamine to prevent them from entering the bloodstream in large amounts. Although there is not a significant amount of scientific data to prove it, Octopamine and Synephrine are belived to be efficient thermogenics.

    2. Metabolic Complex: contains L-carnitine, often found in fat burners because of its ability to work as an inter-cellular fat burner. Studies have found the benefits of L-carnitine for weight loss to be unmistakable. It also contains guarana which is standardized caffeine as well as xanthines.

    3. Diuretic Complex: is a combination of uva ursi extract and dandelion which have both been found to have a positive impact in the increase of excess water elimination by way of increasing urine output.

    4. Thyroid Complex: includes soy is flavones and guggulsterones. Studies have shown guggulsterones to promote stimulation of thyroid activity. (Planta Med 1988;54:271-7, Curr Ther Res 1999; 60:220-7).

    5. Insulin Potentiators: ingredients that are used to help in modifying the blood sugar levels, alpha lipoid acid as well as two different variations of chromium.

    Other ingredients include phosphate, inosine and phosphatidylcholine which are a blend of “nucleotide regulators”. Also included are a blend of “neurotransmitter regulators” consisting of 1-tyrosine and St. John’s Wort as well as the “Animal Cuts Complex”.

    Included in the “Animal Cuts Complex” is a combination of Hydroxycitric acid and naringin. Naringin is beneficial in extending the effect of the ingredients as well as for inhibiting the actions of enzyme cytochrome P450, which is belived to be associated with obesity. Also included are white willow, phenylalanine (when naturally synthesized works to process enzymatic decarboxylation, phenylethylamine which are the chocolate “feel good” chemicals discussed previously) and ginger root which is most likely included for it beneficial effects in reducing nausea and soothing the stomach.

    The Animal Cuts Fat Burner definitely contains a variety of ingredients. By including ingredients such as the thermogenic, blood sugar moderators, thyroid boosters and diuretics, Animal Cuts has made every attempt possible to cover their bases for fat burning. The addition of 200 mg of caffeine and 20 mg of synephrine, is a sure sign that you will feel the power of the product.

    A majority of the ingredients found in Animal Cuts do not have a great deal of validation through clinical evidence. Universal should consider reversing their strategies of including large numbers of complexes in the formula and focus instead on those ingredients that have be shown to have a clinical evidence in weigh loss.

    While the "Animal" series of products does not have a shortage of fans, if it were my money on the table, I'd probably opt for a product that contained fewer, proven ingredients at a relevant dosage. Regardless, I'd love to hear from those of you who have used Animal Cuts...

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 039442030146
Manufacturer Universal Nutrition
Per Container: 42
Form Pack
Serving Size 1 pack
Ingredients Niacin (as Niacinamide) 15 mg,Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 2 mg,Thermogenic Complex 575 mg ,Synephrine, Octopamine, u>Tyramine, Eqigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), L-Theanine,,PEA (Phenylethylamine),Lipotropic Complex 75 mg ,Choline Citrate, Betaine HCL, Inositol Monophosphate,Metabolic Complex 900 mg ,Guarana (22% Caffeine), L-Carnitine,Diuretic Complex 750 mg ,Dandelion Extract (Taraxol, Taraxerol), Uva Ursi Extract (Arbutin, Methyl-Arbutin),Thyroid Complex 175 mg ,Guggul (2.5% Guggulsterones), Soy Isoflavones,Insulin Potentiators 100 mg ,Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Chromium Polynicotinate, Chromium Picolinate,Nucleotide Regulators 300 mg ,Phosphate, Inosine, Phosphatidylcholine,Neurotransmitter Regulators 250 mg ,St. John's Wort (0.3% Hypericin), Tyrosine,Aminal Cuts Complex 812 mg,Citrilene
Other Ingredients Bitter Orange Extract, Green Tea Extract, Cocoa Extract, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, Stearic Acid
Directions Take two Animal Cuts packs everyday for three consecutive weeks. Follow a cycle consisting of three weeks on and one week off. After your one week off cycle, you can repeat another three week on cycle until you reach your goals. Take on an empty stomach.
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