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AOR Stimuliv - Ayurvedic Liver Support Formula - 500 mcg 100 caps

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Quick Overview

• Protects the liver from damage
• Stimulates liver regeneration
• Antioxidant
• Maintains bile flow

AOR Stimuliv - Ayurvedic Liver Support Formula

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A hardworking organ
Besides being responsible for detoxification, the liver is essential for the manufacture, storage and regulation of essential compounds. Stimuliv is a mixture of some of the most potent liver support ingredients of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Protection for the liver
Picrorrhiza kurroa protects the liver and helps lower cholesterol, and it also has anti-hepatitis B activity. Its components are strong antioxidants, stimulate liver regeneration, are anti-inflammatory, and maintain bile volume and flow. Andrographis paniculata is an herb that is used for disorders of the bowel and liver, and has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Phyllanthus niruri is effective for jaundice and helps block hepatitis B. Eclipta alba and Boerhaavia diffusa protect the liver from toxicity. Boerhaavia diffusa also stimulates the immune system. Ipomoea turpethum is a mild purgative and is useful for dealing with toxicity. Azadirachta indica is used for jaundice and Berberis aristata is antiviral and protects the liver from toxicity.

An effective formula
The ingredients in Ortho Liver formulate a potent, safe and highly effective liver support product to improve the liver's function and prevent liver damage.

The function of the liver is intricately linked to detoxification and to the use, storage, or deactivation of dietary¬derived substances absorbed from the intestines. Most of the nutrients absorbed from the intestines are transported directly to the liver for storage, repackaging or combining with other compounds. Waste products and other potentially toxic substances produced in the body or absorbed from the intestines are detoxified in the liver.

Damage or injury to the liver can result in a host of serious health problems, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, and hemochromatosis. Despite the extraordinary capacity of the liver to regenerate, increased pollution and consumption of alcohol, drugs, and xenobiotics have resulted in increased incidence of hepatotoxicity.

An Ayurvedic formula for liver support

(1) Andrographis paniculata (AP): This herb is also referred to as the "king of the bitters". The whole plant (leaves and roots) has been used traditionally in disorders of the bowel and liver, colic, undiagnosed fever and loss of appetite. Studies have found that AP is effective at protecting the liver.

(2) Phyllanthus niruri (PN): The effect of phyllanthus for the treatment of infective hepatitis has been studied clinically in 160 patients suffering from jaundice. Of the 160 cases, 101 were completely cured while there were 59 dropouts. The in-vitro tests that were carried out showed that it could act against hepatitis B.

(3) Eclipta alba: Eclipta was found to counteract liver hypertrophy and lipid peroxidation. Clinical studies have demonstrated antihepatotoxic activity against phalloidin, the most potent liver-poison.

(4) Picrorrhiza kurroa (PK): Extracts of the roots and rhizome exhibited hepatoprotective activity in animals. The active principle was identified as kutkin. Due to Ayurved reputation, picrrorhiza has been extensively investigated by scientists as a preventative and curative hepatoprotective and anticholesterol drug. It has shown good activity against hepatitis-B virus. Furthermore, it has been found safe in chronic toxicity studies.

(5) Boerhaavia diffusa: This herb is an immunostimulant and an excellent hepatodiuretic, with significant ability to protect the liver from toxicity. It is excellent for treating liver ascites.

(6) Ipomoea turpethum: The resin of this herb is a mild purgative. In traditional Ayurveda, the treatment of disease begins with detoxification of the body and organs. In cases of liver damage or a sluggish liver, the buildup of toxins in the system puts additional pressure on the liver, and therefore it is necessary to cleanse the stomach.

(7) Tephrosea purpurea: This herb supports the effects of the other herbs in this formulation.

(8) Azadirachta indica: Neem is one of the premier herbs for the treatment of jaundice.

(9) Berberis aristata: This herb has been traditionally used as an antiviral and is often included in antihepatotoxic preparations.

Mechanism of action
The most important active constituents are the picrosides and kutkoside, known collectively as kutkins

(a) Antioxidant: PK possesses significant antioxidant activity that may contribute to the hepatoprotective effect by reducing lipid peroxidation and free radical damage. PK was found to restore the functions of several enzymes associated with glutathione, a key antioxidant in the body.

(b) Stimulation of liver regeneration: Administration of PK to rats has been shown to stimulate nucleic acid and protein synthesis.

(c) Anti-inflammatory: PK extracts inhibited pro-inflammatory cells. PK also contains a catechol-apocynin that is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

(d) Choleretic: Several hepatotoxins, including acetaminophen, reduce the production of bile and bile flow. PK has been shown to reverse these effects of acetaminophen, maintaining both bile volume and flow.

• Protects the liver from damage
• Stimulates liver regeneration
• Antioxidant
• Maintains bile flow

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 624917110050
Manufacturer No
Form No
Ingredients Contains: 100 Tablets
Serving Size: 2 Tablets

Amount per Serving:

Andrographis paniculata (10% Andrographolides) 200 mg
Phyllanthus niruri 10:1 (3% Bitters) 100 mg
Eclipta alba (2.5% Norwedalolactones) 100 mg
Picrorhiza kurroa (6% Kutkins) 100 mg
Boerhaavia diffusa (0.1% Alkaloids) 50 mg
Azadirachtica indica (2.5% Bitters) 50 mg
Berberis aristata 8% (10% Berberine) 25 mg
Ipomoea turpethum (25% Resin) 50 mg
Tephrosia purpurea (6% Rutin) 25 mg

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Other ingredients:

Microcrystalline cellulose, tragacanth, and silica.

Note: Herbal extracts will naturally vary in color from one batch to another.

AOR guarantees that no ingredients not listed on the label have been added to the product. Contains no wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, fish or shellfish.

Suggested Use: Take one or two tablets twice a day, or as directed by a qualified health consultant.

Main Applications:
• Antioxidant.
• Stimulation of liver regeneration.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Choleretic.
• Anti-hepatitis.

Source: Multisource. Leaves, fruit, and roots.

Pregnancy / Nursing: DO NOT USE. Can abort fetus and cause abnormal fetal development.

Cautions: Infants and children should not use the product.

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Directions .
Warning .

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