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Atro-Phex - Energy & Weight Management Breakthrough! - 98 capsules

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Quick Overview

Atro-Phex has simply incredible positive effects on mood, overall appetite suppression, well-being, energy, thermogenesis, cognitive and overall physical performance.

BSN Atro-Phex - An Energy And Weight Management Breakthrough!

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ATRO-PHEX is without a doubt, the most incredibly powerful mood, well-being, energy, thermogenic and physical and cognitive performance formula in the history of the supplement world.

Feel the absolutely phenominal gripping whole-body effects within mere minutes of your very first Atro-Phex dose.

Atro-Phex penetrates both subcutaneous and absolutely "deep" incredibly stubborn fat stores with the most genuinely powerful thermogenic technology ever formulated.

Atro-Phex has simply incredible positive effects on mood, overall appetite suppression, well-being, energy, thermogenesis, cognitive and overall physical performance.

Atro-Phex fully removes the excess subcutaneous water deeply under your skin so you can finally see that great overall muscle shape, cuts, and genuine definition, along with unmatched suppression of actual appetite and cravings. You can now totally manage your overall genuine weight and diet unlike ever before possible.

ATRO-PHEX is an energy and weight management breakthrough dietary supplement with physical well being and mental focus enhancing properties. Painstakingly developed with the highest attention to detail after much trial and error, ATRO-PHEX contains a special combination of naturally-sourced, organic compounds and critical biological co-factors designed to stimulate metabolic rate, control appetite, increase energy, help rid the body of excess water weight and support cognitive function and a heightened sense of well being.

The ATRO-PHEX formula is able to mediate these desired effects through five separate and distinct proprietary complexes, each of which has a unique function. What follows is an explanation of each of the complexes and their intended effects.

Complex 1 - Adipose Atrophy & Energy Stimulator Matrix
The first complex in ATRO-PHEX is a patent pending Adipose Atrophy & Energy Stimulator Matrix powered by ATRO-EFX, which elicits fast-acting and long-lasting positive effects on several key physiological elements, including energy level, alertness, mood, mental performance, physical productivity, weight management, calorie burning, appetite control, thermogenesis, and well-being.
Anthony Presciano Male Fitness Superstar

Complex 2 - Mood & Mental Performance Optimizers
The second complex in ATRO-PHEX contains mood and mental performance optimizers, which, in addition to having antioxidant properties, improve mental function under both physically and psychologically stressful conditions, facilitate wakefulness, improve long-term memory, improve reaction speed, reduce anxiety and increase the body's overall resistance to stress. Their effect has been described by some as euphoric and energizing.
The Prodigy Brandon Curry

Complex 3 - Aqua-Retic
Aqua-Retic, the third complex in ATRO-PHEX, is designed to reduce the appearance of excess subcutaneous and extracellular water. This water, found trapped beneath the skin and in fat cells, can often lead to that bloated, water-retention look, which can hide your shape and definition.

Complex 4 - Insulin Support & Weight Management
The fourth complex in ATRO-PHEX is a very important part of the overall formula, housing two very unique ingredients, one of which has been shown in research to support blood glucose (sugar), cholesterol and triacylglycerol levels that are already within the normal range and the other of which has a functional impact on a hormone (leptin) that regulates bodyweight and metabolism.

Complex 5 - Pro-Thyroid Amplifier
The fifth and final complex in ATRO-PHEX is also made up of two unique ingredients. The first ingredient has clinically proven weight loss effects (with the majority of weight loss being fat), has been shown to increase metabolism by 5.4% and has been awarded a U.S. patent for weight loss. The second ingredient works through a process called calorie repartitioning (the shuttling of calories to lean tissue, as opposed to fat), while causing an increase in body temperature.
  1. BSN Atro-Phex Review
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    Atro-Phex is BSN’s newest fat burner. It is a proprietary blend of 724mg of ingredients, which makes it hard to know exactly how much of each ingredient is in it. Not knowing how much of something is in it can make it hard to know if it has enough of something to be effective, especially since it has so many different ingredients. There are five matrixes of ingredients in Atro-Phex.

    1. Adipose Atrophy & Energy Stimulator Matrix: This matrix includes ingredients such as phenyethylamines, Yohimbe, and Citrus aurantium, which have minimal or conflicting research on if they actually help with weight loss. It also includes Hordenine to help phenyethylamines be more effective. It also includes some ingredients that have been shown to be effective in animals, but have yet to prove their effectiveness in human studies. This includes ingredients such as Razber-k and IFAS50. The caffeine component is actually a research proven weight loss ingredient. There is also Naringin to help improve the lasting effectiveness of caffeine and Bioperine that helps with the absorption of some ingredients.

    2. Mood & Mental Performance Optimizers: This matrix includes N-acetyl tyrosine, vinburnine, vinpocetine, and vincamine. These work together to improve mood and focus, which is believed to improve fat burner. However, there is not much evidence to back up this claim and even if it does it does not contain enough tyrosine to be effective.

    3. Aqua-Retic™ Matrix: This includes junier and isopimpinellin, which are effective diuretics. It also includes Isoquercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant.

    4. Insulin Support & Weight Management: This part is simply Cinnulin PF®, which is can help reduce fasting blood sugar.

    5. Pro-Thyroid Stimulator: This includes 7-keto DHEA, which has been shown to improve thyroid hormone levels in obese individuals in research studies. It also includes Dicana, which has only shown positive results in animal studies.

    Overall the ingredients in Atro-Phex have not shown results in human studies, although some have potential promise from animal study results. Additionally, there are no clinical trials on whether this combination of ingredients works together to promote weight loss. It seems that it is a proprietary blend with a lot of different things to make it look like a good fat burner, but potentially not having enough of even the proven effective ingredients (such as caffeine) to do anything.

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ProductSKU 834266001088
Manufacturer BSN
Per Container: 98
Form Capsule
Serving Size 1 cap
Ingredients Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl)
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