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Garden of Life Vitamin Code - Kids Cherry Berry 30 bears

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Quick Overview

- Support of the immune system
- Promote healthy bone growth
- Supports digestive health
- Promotes mental, as well as, physical energy
- Supports eye health

GARDEN OF LIFE Vitamin Code - Kids Cherry Berry 30 bears

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Your child’s body deserves Vitamin Code Kids. It is a yummy, cherry-berry chewable multivitamin specially created to meet children’s unique nutritional needs. Vitamin Code Kids is produced withFood-Created Nutrients that provide targeted delivery of essential vitamins and minerals that kids need for extraordinary health and vitality.

Vitamin Code Kids consists of ProBiora3 for Kids, probiotics that arenaturally found in a healthy kid's mouth along with 22 other organically grown fruits and veggies and it provides:

- Support of the immune system
- Promote healthy bone growth
- Supports digestive health
- Promotes mental, as well as, physical energy
- Supports eye health

A child's body is designed to recognize and use nutrients best when they come from real food. Their cofactors can be removed when vitamins or minerals are isolated from food or synthesized in a lab. This inhibits their ability to nourish the body effectively. While a diet rich in whole foods is the best way for your child to consume nutrients, if you are going to use a supplement, you should definitely find one that consists of whole food multivitamin made with Food-Created Nutrients.

Food-Created Nutrients in Vitamin Code Kids :

- Code Factors that have been infused with essential elements from whole food
- Consists of no yucky chemical isolates or synthetic nutrients
- Nutrient-specific peptides for targeted release
- Nutrients that have been created individually to maximized potency
- Living nutrients, just as nature intended

The Food-Created Nutrients in Vitamin Code formulas are harvested with their one-of-a-kind Code Factors still intact which enables the body to naturally recognize the nutrients.

What is a Code Factor?
The known, and yet to be discovered, synergistic compounds found in food and necessary for proper nutrient delivery is the best way to describe it. Providing these Code Factors helps to infuse the essential elements of whole foods that the body needs.

All of the Fruits & Vegetables in Vitamin Code Kids are grown organically.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 658010114394
Manufacturer Garden Of Life
Per Container: 15
Form chew bears
Serving Size 2 chew bears
Ingredients Calories 20 , Total Carbohydrate 4g, Dietary Fiber <1g, Sugars 1g, Vitamin A (as Beta-carotene) 5000IU, Vitamin C (from Citrus C blend) 60mg, Vitamin D3 400IU, Vitamin E (as Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-tocotrienol; alpha-, beta- and gamma-tocopherol) 16IU, Vitamin K 50mcg, Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 2mg, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 2mg, Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide) 20mg, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine) 6mg, Folic Acid 200mcg, Vitamin B12 6mg, Biotin 200mcg, Pantothenic Acid (B5) 5mg, Calcium 20mg, Iron 5mg, Iodine 100mcg, Magnesium 10mg, Zinc 4mg, Selenium 30mcg, Copper 0.01mg, Manganese 1.1mg, Potassium 9mg, Choline 10mg, Inositol 10mg, PABA 400mcg, Mixed Carotenoids (Alpha-carotene, Gamma-carotene, Lycopene) 1mg, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Blend 150mg, -Organic Juices from: , --strawberry, cherry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, beet, carrot, spinach, broccoli, tomato , --red cabbage, parsley, brussels sprout, green bell pepper, cucumber, celery, garlic, ginger , --green onion, cauliflower, asparagus , Citrus C Blend 40mg, -Whole Food Vitamin C , -Amla Berry , -Grapefruit Bioflavonoids: , --naringin, isonaringin, naringenin, neoeriocitrin, neohesperidin, poncirin, hesperidin, rhoifolin , Oral Health Probiotic Blend 1mg, -ProBiora3 for Kids (S. rattus JH145, S. uberis KJ2, S. oralis JH145) ,
Other Ingredients .
Directions .
Warning .

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