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Axis HemodrauliX with Arachidonic Acid and NE2

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Quick Overview

HemodrauliX Anabolic Hyper-Vasodilation System

HemodrauliX is the world's first Nitric Oxide (NO) product to upregulate the nitric oxide producing enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Upregulating NOS, combined with the most powerful Arginine on the planet, NE2 (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl) makes HemodrauliX substantially ahead of the entire Nitric Oxide category...

Axis Labs HemodrauliX with Arachidonic Acid and NE2

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Axis HemodrauliX with Arachidonic Acid and NE2

HemodrauliX Anabolic Hyper-Vasodilation System

is the world's premier Nitric Oxide (NO) product that helps to upregulate the nitric oxide producing enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Upregulating NOS, mixed with the strongest Arginine in the world, NE2 (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl) makes HemodrauliX way ahead of all the Nitric Oxide products in the market. Get ready for getting bigger pumps, increased strength and better muscle stimulation. Moreover, HemodrauliX includes Beta-Alanine, which helps the body to promote the production of Carnosine, which eliminates muscle fatigue during training. We guarantee that HemodrauliX can make you feel at your best during training. Achieve better results faster by trying HemodrauliX today.

• Good for 30 Workouts
• Up-Regulates production of Nitric Oxide
• Unbeatable Skin Bursting Pumps
• Improved Strength
• Deep Muscle Fiber Promotion
• Improved Protein Synthesis
• Helps in Lipolysis (Fat into Muscle)
• Increases Bedroom Performance

Category Supremacy

Let us explain what HemodrauliX is all about. HemodrauliX is not your ordinary, knock-off NO product. In other words, HemodrauliX offers much more than any NO product has to offer. It will definitely transform what people expect from other nitric oxide products because it rules all of its competitors because of its outstanding performance. We have created the latest innovation in Nitric Oxide supplementation from the time when we introduced this to the fitness industry a few years ago. We believe that NO is not just having Arginine and that is why we have HemodrauliX.

What exactly is an Anabolic Hyper-Vasodilation System?

You should have been aware of the fact that Arginine is a subtance from which to Nitric Oxide is formed. But do you know that there are many other things that comprise this process? NO products were developed to give your body increased amounts of Arginine. Even so, there were never enough cofactors in your body to fulfill this massive supply of Arginine and as a result, it hinders the essential Nitric Oxide experience.

Nitric Oxide is a derivative of Arginine, which is broken down in the body by Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). And since your body has a limited supply of NOS, regardless of the amount of Arginine you have in your body, your NO will only be as high as the NOS level that you have to break it down. We have developed an innovative way to promote an increase in your NOS resulting to bigger and better pumps!
You might ask how in the world did we come up with this? The secret is the addition of Arachidonic Acid (AA). Arachidonic Acid (AA) a compound that can turn on NOS through a complex procedure. Once it is released from the phospholipids layer of every muscle while exercising, it is immediately turned to prostaglandins (PGE2). Prostaglandins then turn on the NOS enzyme making an ideal environment for MASS Nitric Oxide production.

Since HemodrauliX is a strong supplement, we recommend taking HemodrauliX once every day, 4 to 5 times a week. The effects of this supplement will be felt by the user days after consuming it. With HemodrauliX, you do not have to take in supplements twice each day, 7 days a week. We can assure you that HemodrauliX will work harder and give you better results for less.

HemodrauliX includes an anabolic component that is highly noticeable after one week of use. So, when we mentioned that you can build more muscle, it is not an exaggeration of what it can do. Beta-testing of HemodrauliX provided us with results from people who gained 5 to 15 pounds of lean mass in their body during the first month. Additionally, body fat has been decreased significantly after the testing period.

HemodrauliX is definitely an anabolic innovation that is surprisingly good for an NO supplement. Purchase your supply now and be on the move to a leaner and better physique. Demand more from your supplements. Demand Axis Labs.

Arachidonic Acid

is the first nitric oxide product produced to utilize the strength of Arachidonic Acid (AA). The amazing partnership of AA and NO functions together to promote a cascading process that results to pumps and strength never before felt by athletes and body builders. Arachidonic Acid is the precursor to cell-signaling molecules called prostaglandins (PGE2). Moreover, PGE2 works with Nitric Oxide to produce increased vasodialation, feeding the muscles by more blood flow, oxygen and helping with glucose uptake. In the past, you have heard of products that promise larger pumps. With HemodrauliX, you can actually experience them.


NE2 (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl) is comprised of an Arginine molecule that is esterified, making it less polar resulting to a more resistant breakdown of chemicals and easily taken in by your digestive track. The ethyl ester can also provide security from the Arginine molecule keeping it safe from fast degradation to make it much more effective in smaller doses than other nitric oxide supplements. Therefore, increased Arginine in your system can make you produce more Nitric Oxide.


In addition to the benefits listed above, HemodrauliX is powered by the famous Beta-Alanine. Once it is present in your body, Beta-Alanine mixes with Histidine to improve promotion of intramuscular Carnosine. The Carnosine cushions hydrogen ions produced when you exercise, and is associated with tiredness, weakness and muscular fatigue. This means that taking in HemodrauliX during training will make you less tired and allow you to recover faster than ever.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 689076412469
Manufacturer Axis Labs
Per Container: 30
Form Liquid Gel
Serving Size 6 gels
Ingredients Sesame Seed Oil 4,170 mg,HemodrauliX Press (proprietary blend) 3,000 mg,NE2 (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl), Beta-Alanine, Di-Arginine Malate. Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate,Arachidonic Acid (40% in a proprietary fatty acid/oil blend)
Other Ingredients Kosher Gelatin, Glycerin, Beeswax, Purified Water, Lecithin and Titanium dioxide.
Directions As a dietary supplement, take 6 capsules 30 minutes prior to exercise. For best results, do not take more than once a day or more than 5 times a week. Supplement daily with a multivitamin while using HemodrauliX.
Warning .

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