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AE IntraXCell - Beta-Alanine Carnosine Booster

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Quick Overview

The Worlds First Beta-Alanine, Carnosine Boosting Formula In Convenient Capsule Form! Boost Strength And Increase Lean Muscle Gains With IntraXCell!

Until now, creatine, with numerous research studies to support its effectiveness, was the leading supplement for improving exercise and muscular performance...

Athletic Edge Nutrition IntraXCell - Beta-Alanine Carnosine Booster

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The Worlds First Beta-Alanine, Carnosine Boosting Formula In Convenient Capsule Form! Boost Strength And Increase Lean Muscle Gains With IntraXCell!

Backed up with a number of studies, creatine was the most important supplement for boosting exercise and muscular performance. Since creatine was introduced in the athletic industry during the early nineties, we have been made to believe that exercise physiology and sports nutrition has significantly evolved through the years. Today, new researches are focusing on another supplement discovery that will change the course of the industry like creatine did more than a decade ago. Supported by reseacrh, IntraXCell is the upcoming breakthrough supplement for significantly improving strength, increased muscle mass and endurance.

IntraXCell Highlights:

• Improves Muscular Strength & Increases Power Output
• More Muscle Mass
• Increase Anaerobic Muscular Endurance
• Elevated Level of Aerobic Endurance
• Puts Off Muscular Fatigue - Train Harder & Longer
• Increase Muscle Fullness and Vascularity
• No Bloating or Water-Retention

As other supplement laboratories promise a lot of benefits, announcing unconfirmed testimonials with no scientific research to back it up, Athletic Edge Nutrition isn’t like that. We are a new kind of Supplement Company. We increase the standard, by introducing our supplement (IntraXCell) through the rigidity of a scientific research test. We did this because we want you to witness the results of IntraXCell. We want to assure you that Athletic Edge Nutrition will meet and even exceed your expectations!

While beta-alanine is the major factor that contributes to the benefits that you gain from IntraXCell, there are key elements that play a part in the science of IntraXCell. To begin with, we will talk about a number of things that happen while you exercise. These are things that hinder us from achieving muscle mass goals. After this, we will explain how IntraXCell efficiently aims at getting rid of these limitations.

What hinders us from developing new muscle gains, significant increases in strength and restricts us from maximizing our full potential? The order of processes looks like this:

1. The body’s energy systems produce massive amounts of hydrogen ions(H+) as it performs high intensity exercise.<
2. H+ cause exhaustion which triggers your muscles pH to drop (become more acidic)<
3. As our muscles pH drops fast, so does your strength, and muscular exhaustion increases
4. Fatigue causing free radicals is simultaneously increased with exercise.

The Result of these events: Strength drops, exhaustion sets in and muscles are not sufficiently worked. Without enough overload, your muscles cannot and will not grow.

How can IntraXCell attack these occurences?

- By significantly increasing the levels of a powerful H+ buffer within our muscles. This is called carnosine.

Carnosine is a di-peptide that is naturally produced and has the ability to balance muscular pH by soaking up (H+)

Carnosine is present in both type I and type II muscle fibers, but has an increased level in type II muscle fibers. Type II muscle fibers are predominantly used in high intensity strength exercises and are most amenable to muscle growth.

By getting bigger carnosine levels in type II muscle fibers, you greatly improve their ability to buffer/absorb high amounts of H+ that are produced as you exercise.

- Includes the antioxidants ALA, NAC and Vitamin E, which works hand in hand with carnosine to fight against fatigue causing, free radicals.

The End Result: IntraXCell helps us maintain optimum pH range by protecting/taking in H+, as it combats fatigue-causing, free radicals. Because of this, our muscles are capable of performing at increased levels.
  1. pretty good
    5 5

    i used this to help me train for my wrestling finals, so far i have seen promising results, little weight gain which is perfect since i have to maintain a weight for the season. stamina is up as well as strength. great product.

  2. thumbs up!
    5 5

    I work out 6-7 days a week and found that I would get fatigued during my workouts. I did a lot of research on beta-alanine and intraxcell and decided to give it a go. You can feel it twenty minutes after dosing. I was able to workout - aerobic and anaerobic - without any fatigue other than being short of breath. My workouts were more intense, I didn't fade and my strength gains have gone back to peak levels. This is the next next best thing since creatine. Unfriggin real.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 094922611673
Manufacturer Athletic Edge Nutrition
Per Container: 180
Form Capsule
Serving Size 3 capsule
Ingredients Vitamin E (As D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) 15 IU,2XCell Blend ( Beta Alanine [2g], N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid)
Other Ingredients Gelatin, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #2
Directions As a dietary supplement, take one serving twice daily. IntraXCell may be taken with or without food--food may dampen the prickling/flushing effect that some people experience from Beta-Alanine.
Warning .

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