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Now L-Glutamine - 170 grams

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Quick Overview

What is Glutamine?
Glutamine is a nonessential amino acid (protein building block) that is made in the body via conversion from a relative amino acid (AA) called Glutamic acid. It is more appropriately considered a "conditionally essential amino acid" and is the most abundant AA in human plasma and muscle...

Now L-Glutamine 170 grams

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What is Glutamine?
is a nonessential amino acid (protein building block) that is made in the body via conversion from a relative amino acid (AA) called Glutamic acid. It is more appropriately considered a "conditionally essential amino acid" and is the most abundant AA in human plasma and muscle.

What are the functional properties of Glutamine?
is unique in that like glucose it is one of the preferred energy sources utilized by rapidly proliferating cells. It is a major fuel source for the brain and together with its relatives the stimulant neurotransmitter Glutamic acid and the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA they form the most abundant amino group in the human brain. Glutamine is also an important fuel source for enterocytes and supports intestinal maintenance and normal function. It has been used clinically to improve nitrogen balance and minimize protein loss in those suffering with catabolic states caused by surgical stress and critical gastrointestinal illness. In combination with N-Acetyl Cysteine Glutamine promotes the production of a powerful cellular antioxidant called Glutathione that plays a critical role in the defense against free radical damage.

Will Glutamine help me with my health maintenance and exercise program?
plays a major role in DNA synthesis and serves as a primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle tissues. It serves to replenish nitrogen loss due to excessive muscle training and speeds up recovery. It is so vital to the building and maintenance of muscle tissue that 60% of the human intracellular amino acid pool is Glutamine. The very fact that muscle is the most important tissue for Glutamine synthesis and storage is evidence of it's vital role in maintaining positive nitrogen balance and the building of the these important sport support structures.

Glutamine is utilized at a high rate by the cells of the immune system and is required to support optimal white blood cell proliferation (lymphocyte). It is also necessary for the production of hormone like proteins secreted by lymphocytes and macrophages called cytokines that regulate the intensity and duration of an immune response to foreign organisms.

Benefits and Uses
• helps build muscle
• helps muscle recovery
• improves nitrogen retention
• aids weight loss while retaining muscle
• good for weightlifting, bodybuilding, endurance and other sports
• improves nitrogen balance and minimizes protein loss
• aids gastrointestinal function
• aids those who suffer from muscular cramps or pain
  1. L-Glutamine Review
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    L-Glutamine isn’t a dietary supplement with a list of unknown ingredients and components, it’s simply an effective amino acid condensed into caplets to be evenly distributed throughout the body of serious athletes, bodybuilders, and casual gym goers. Amino acids are essential, meaning it’s impossible for anyone’s body to function without them but it becomes more important when fitness is taken into consideration. People who exercise regularly need more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids compared to people who don’t exercise at all; this is why fitness engineers and researchers invented L-Glutamine.

    The target demographic for L-Glutamine is bodybuilders because L-Glutamine has been shown to increase anabolic recovery time, muscle hydration and overall strength while building solid immune system defenses. L-Glutamine singles out individual toxins within someone’s body and purges unnecessary waste followed by replenishing damaged cells. Studies have shown that while bodybuilders do benefit from the use of L-Glutamine, obese or overweight people will see results as well; especially if these people are diabetic.

    L-Glutamine makes balancing sugar levels an easy process and it’s a natural appetite suppressant so overweight or obese individuals will lose weight effortlessly. These results will become more prevalent if L-Glutamine is utilized in combination with a solid exercise regime and a nutritious diet. L-Glutamine isn’t just a dietary supplement for bodybuilders or the elite athletes, it represents the health and fitness possibilities for everyday people as well.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 733739002204
Manufacturer Now
Per Container: 170
Form Powder
Serving Size 1/4 teaspoon
Ingredients L-Glutamine (free form)
Other Ingredients Rice Flour, Gelatin (capsule) and Magnesium Stearate.
Directions As a dietary supplement, take 1/4 teaspoon in juice 1-3 times daily
Warning .

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