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SAN T3 90 capsules - 99.9% E&Z Guggulsterones!

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Taking The Fat-Burning Process To A Completely New Level!

Dear Friend, Listen close because this article is going to reveal some little known, almost secret facts about thyroid hormone, the most over-looked piece of the fat burning puzzle even many pros have trouble putting together at show time...

San T3 90 capsules - 99.9% E&Z Guggulsterones!

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Taking The Fat-Burning Process To A Completely New Level!

Dear Friend, Listen close because this article is going to reveal some little known, almost secret facts about thyroid hormone, the most over-looked piece of the fat burning puzzle even many pros have trouble putting together at show time. In fact, coming in "soft" is the number one fear of every bodybuilder who has ever carried his armor plated muscle on stage. Being called "smooth" is akin to someone "talken trash" about your mom... you just don't want to hear about it!

But thanks to ground breaking research on a new thyroid hormone stimulating compound called T-3, the fear of being "caught looking smooth" will completely vanish from your mind because T-3 takes the fat-burning process to a completely new level. Even well beyond standard thermogenics!!

The thyroid gland is one of many "endocrine glands" in the body whose primary function is secreting thyroid related hormones. The term hormone, in Greek actually means "to arouse"! For example: The hormones testosterone and growth hormone "arouse" muscle growth by rapidly increasing the protein turn-over rate, called protein synthesis. And as every hard-training bodybuilder knows, the more abundant these hormones are (within reasonable limits) the more "abundant" will be the results in muscle size.

Anyway, the thyroid gland's job is to secrete thyroid hormone. This in turn, causes an increase in cellular enzymes that control all cellular processes... which then has a direct correlation to the "rate" of your metabolism, or how fast you burn calories!

But listen, thanks to T-3, bodybuilders can now experience vastly elevated thyroid hormone levels... but without any "shut down" of their natural production. That's because T-3 actually makes your thyroid gland produce more thyroid hormone on a continual basis. It works also because it has the unique ability to greatly activate iodine update, which is the chemical trigger in the body that releases massive amounts of natural thyroid hormone into the bloodstream.

And this is the secret to getting shredded beyond all belief... the permanent speeding of your metabolic rate by naturally increasing your thyroid hormone output. But here's one for "scientific history books" because T-3 actually causes your thyroid gland to increase peripheral specific thyroid hormone turnover!! This is "your thyroid hormone T-4" and it's specifically "coded" to attach to your individual cellular receptor site to form T-3.

However, and this is an "important however", you must provide the body with plenty of the highest quality protein you can get your hands on! This is crucial because protein is what we are. Every muscle, bone, tendon, every cell is made of protein. And since thyroid hormone accelerates all processes it needs frequent infusions of raw materials (proteins) to keep up the building process. Because remember, at the same time a catabolic process of sorts is going, the breaking down of fat... which can shift over to the breakdown of muscle if you don't keep feeding the body lots of protein.

But once you do... look out man, because the dual action of burning fat with T-3 and building muscle with a high quality protein can transform you into a picture of yourself your mind hasn't even conceived yet. That's the power of T-3, the amazing new thyroid stimulator from S.A.N. that causes the natural turnover of DNA specific thyroid hormone for the most rapid fat-loss imaginable.

So if you didn't know the importance of thyroid hormone before you read this article... you do now! There are no more excuses not to be ripped to shreds because T-3 makes this once impossible dream become a real world occurrence no matter what your genetics.
  1. SAN T3 - 99.9% E&Z Guggulsterones! Review
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    How effective is T3 Fat Burner?
    There are so many diet bills on the market and several of them claim they have magical power that will either melt the fat away from your body or they will suppress your appetite so you won’t go on binge feasts.

    But are these types of diet pills effective? This is clearly the question I think is in the back of everyone’s minds when they decide to go shopping for a diet pill. So to answer this question, let’s take a look at a current one that is on the market.

    The makers of T3 Fat Burner claim that it has the power to increase your thyroid hormone production to promote the burning of calories and store fat, at a faster rate. This would make it a great diet pill if it can actually do this. But can it?

    Well before we make any further assumptions, let’s take a look at the ingredients in T3 Fat Burner.
    The active ingredient in T3 Fat burner is Guggulsterones. Guggulsterones is actually a co-formulated compound that derives from Gum Guggul, which is an old Indian native herb that has been long used to treat high cholesterol levels. Of course this has nothing to do with the ability to burn fats, but there is a minimal amount of scientific evidence that it can also help you to lose weight. But the studies are so inconclusive, that they cannot pinpoint how it helps a person lose weight. So it appears that T3 Fat burner might not be as effective as they say.

    T3 Fat Burner Conclusion
    T3 Fat Burner is claimed to be an effective fat burning diet pill, but of course there is very little scientific evidence to support this claim. T3 Fat Burner is moderately priced, so you might want to try it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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ProductSKU 672898123859
Manufacturer SAN Supplements
Per Container: 90
Form Capsules
Serving Size 1 Capsules
Ingredients 99.9% Pure Guggulsterones (Root)
Other Ingredients Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Colors (Blue #1, Red #40, Red #3, Yellow #6)
Directions Take 1 capsule three to four times daily with meals. Do not exceed 5 capsules in a 24 hour time period.
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