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USPLabs Pink Magic - ULTIMATE Natural Test Booster - 180 capsules

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Quick Overview

* Muscle Density & Hardness
* Strength like you’ve never experienced
* Sickening Pumps beyond what any pre-workout supplement provide
* Recovery – Both between sets and overnight between workouts
* Endurance so great you’ll forget the rep count and just keep going and going
* And even a noticeable increase in libido and confidence

USPLabs Pink Magic - ULTIMATE Natural Testosterone Booster - 180 capsules

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Super Anti-Catabolic / Anabolic / Test Simulator

Pink Magic
is a natural testosterone booster. It is formulated to safely give you the following amazing benefits:

* Muscle Density & Hardness
* Strength like you’ve never experienced
* Sickening Pumps beyond what any pre-workout supplement provide
* Recovery – Both between sets and overnight between workouts
* Endurance so great you’ll forget the rep count and just keep going and going
* And even a noticeable increase in libido and confidence

Pink Magic is a new all-natural testosterone booster from the geniuses at USPLabs. It has been shown to safely and significantly increase strength, muscle density and hardness, vascularity, and even libido.

Muscle Density & Hardness from Pink Magic
When combined with HARD and HEAVY lifting, Pink Magic will make your muscles thick and full – long after your workout is done. It goes beyond what your typical pre-workout pump supplement (even Jack3d) can provide.

On a four-week run of Pink magic, weeks three and four were downright ridiculous for most users.

You will sit at your desk at work, and just notice full, throbbing forearms, biceps, and shoulders (on top of everything else).

You will walk around and feel like your steps are going to cause earthquakes.

You will look in the mirror and just think, “VOLUME”.

But it’s not just volume, it’s density. When a woman does the classic “arm touch” on you, she will say “Wow!” — And it’s because she’s not going to be getting the typical skin, flab, and dash of muscle that she gets when she touches other guys. She’s going to be touching MUSCLE and TIGHT skin.

Be proud – if you’re lifting hard you deserve this compliment.

If you haven’t tried Jack3d, you should – it’s an amazing pre-workout energy and pump product.

But Pink Magic is different. These pumps are full-body and occur both in and out of the gym, way after your workout.

Recovery and Endurance – Between AND During Workouts
If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re going to be lifting more weight than you ever have in your natural life. So you’d think you’re going to be sore as hell, right? WRONG!

Don’t get me wrong, I was sore after breaking my personal records. But instead, I was up and at ‘em the next day as if nothing happened… except I was proudly walking a bit taller and a lot thicker.

Not only will your increased testosterone help you recover overnight, but it will also help you recover between sets. After breaking your squat PR, you won’t be down for the count. A minute of rest, and you’ll be ready to attack the bench. Trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

And the endurance? It’s phenomenal.
Your muscles will be loaded with an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. Screw the rep count. If you’re doing a 5×5 program, you will find yourself banging out 7 or 8 reps on the last couple of sets (and then you’ll realize that you should be lifting MORE weight next time).
Libido and Confidence – “Alpha Male in a Pill”

Dead honest here – I got rocked by Pink Magic in the libido department. I’ve never experienced libido like that, not even when I was 18. I was literally a walking piece of sex meat.

I was not exactly the most productive member of society during week three – and will do a slightly lower dosage for my next Pink run. But don’t worry – I was definitely far worse than almost every beta tester, but I have to warn you – shit might get crazy.

Pink Magic and heavy lifting makes your muscles thicker and harder, right? Well guess what – Your “other” muscle downstairs is going to see the same results. It’s freaking awesome, so tell your girl to get ready, because you’re going to be bringing some serious thunder.

Now, I’m not a natural alpha male. I’m not a beta male either – I just don’t give a shit most of the time. But not when on Pink Magic.

I was CONFIDENT, calm, cool, and collected. I made more eye contact than ever before. I was afraid of nothing and no one, and I was smiling a lot. Girls loved it. For you alpha males out there, it was nice to walk a mile in your shoes.

In the gym, that confidence turned into aggression towards the weights – but for me, aggression stayed out of society and in the gym. Very few Pink Magic beta testers became aggressive outside of the gym – most were like me and kept it indoors.

As Pink Magic comes to the masses, I feel sorry for the ladies out there. You’ll understand soon enough.
  1. USPLabs Pink Magic Review
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    Pink Magic might have an interesting legend of being forgotten by the company until some hardcore fitness enthusiast received a bottle and reminded them about it with praise, but that is just a marketing fairy tale that is so far fetched to be at all believable. This makes the other claims of the product’s effectiveness come under suspicion. So, are any of the three ingredients in Pink Magic actually useful for improving strength performance?

    1. Massularia acuminate: This is a mecidinal plant often used as a aphrodisiac. Rat studies have shown it improve testosterone rests, however very large doses were used and animal study results do not always correlate to human results. To have the same dosage in humans, you would need to take 9.7 grams, which is much more than what is in Pink Magic. The smaller amount used in studies might be present, but it does not provide the amazing results that Pink Magic claims to possess.

    2. Nelumbo nucifera: This herb known as Sacred Lotus is used in Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments including sunstroke, fever, indigestion, and insomnia. It is also used for its hypoglycemic effects and has shown anti-obesity effects in mice and rats. The reason it is in Pink Magic, though, is that it is supposedly able to improve cAMP and cGMP in tissues, which is believed to provide anticatabolic effects and provide positive protein balance in skeletal muscle. However, these claims are minimally backed up and only in animal studies. Still it might be useful for those consuming pre/post-workout carbs, but it does not really make it stand out from the many other effective agents for this.

    Rhamnus nakaharai: This has traditionally been used to treat constipation, inflammation, tumors, and asthma. It claims to be effective similarly as N. nucifera described above, however, the research is less applicable in that the results are based on it being injected into mice and not orally taken by humans. Thus there really is nothing to show that it does anything.

    While there is not any evidence that Pink Magic does not work, there is also nothing to back up its claims of effectiveness.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 094922022332
Manufacturer USPlabs
Per Container: 180
Form Capsules
Serving Size 2 cap
Ingredients Massularia Acuminate (Stem) ,Nelumbo Nucifera (Seeds And Leaves) ,Rhamnus Nakaharai (Stem)
Other Ingredients Gelatin, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate
Directions As a dietary supplement, take two capsules three times a day with food. On workout days, take an additional 2 capsules 30 minutes before training. Maintain dosing in a 6 days on, 1 day off pattern.
Warning .

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