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VPX Sports Power Shock Grape Splash - 350 gr

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Quick Overview

VPX Sports Power Shock helps develop endurance, power, and revitalization using breakthrough muscle components.

VPX SPORTS Power Shock Grape Splash 350 gr

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Watch out and see the newest VPX Sports Power Shock – delivered by the World’s most highly innovative breakthrough called BCAA Nitrates! VPX united their resources, talents, skills and research to come up with this product, which combined the Amino Acids to nitrate moiety. This mechanism gives more BCAA constancy and delivery towards the intestinal and muscle cell membranes.

The nitrate components work by boosting the absorptions on the intestines. Thus, nitrates combine with other compounds avoiding the intestinal walls. As a matter of fact, this mechanism works so perfectly well that a huge number of polypeptides can still be absorbed if taken with a nitrate contributor.

It also develops the penetration of all components, such as BCAA Nitrates and Beta-Alanine Nitrate in the Power Shock formula. The mechanism of nitrate bound amino acids is so excellent, since it releases amino acids as well as other chemical salts.

One of the highly recommended benefits of nitrates is the fast and effective dilation of vessels making your blood circulation increase, which facilitates transport of nutrients to other muscle cells and tissues. Once the muscles are enlarged due to anabolic nutrient-dense blood, Myogenic Regulatory Factors are triggered. In addition, there is also an improvement in terms of endurance, potency and revitalization.

Though a lot of studies have agreed that arginine is ineffective in terms of increasing blood Nitric Oxide intensity, Nitrates are said to be valuable and successful in stimulating vasodilation through Nitric Oxide. Nitrates, thus improve Nitric Oxide degree in the blood circulation through applying their vasodilating outcome by discharging an NO2 or NO3 set. There is a decreased number of NO2 circulating in the blood system epithelial cells in which it counteracts with Nitric Oxide.

During those circumstances, BCAAs are just incorporated in VPX Sports Power Shock muscle cell splitting matrix. In depth research was conducted that showed that EAAs (essential amino acids) are the vital anabolic reactors in creating muscle proteins and works better than just using BCAAs itself. In addition, Science also supports that if accumulating not so vital amino acids like glutamine will not help in at all in enhancing muscle mass in well-nutrition individuals.

Although there is a claim of increase nitric oxide amount, six grams daily intake of arginine supplements does not have a reaction on the production of nitric oxide, metabolizing ammonia, lactate, and alternative anaerobic workout functioning in a well-skilled athletes. If you see arginine on the product tag, it is just nothing.

To charge your slender muscle mass more, VPX Sports Power Shock also has the recent breakthrough of muscle components: Anserine or Beta-Alanyl-1-Methylhistidine as well as Beta-Alanine Nitrate and Citrulline Nitrate.

• Controlled by BCAA Nitrates, Beta-Alanine Nitrate & Citrulline Nitrate to have more constancy & Muscle progression and delivery!
• Moiety Nitrates are said to be more effective to release Aminos & Chemical Salts!
• Research proved that nitrates can promote vasodilation through Nitric Oxide.
• No enhancement of blood circulation to enlarge muscle using Anabolic Nutrient-Dense Blood!
• Develops endurance, power, and revitalization
• The vital compounds to achieve protein creation that are said to be far more effective than BCAAs are EAAs (Essential Amino Acids)
• It has a powerful Anserine for muscle functioning and Proton barrier.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 610764180056
Manufacturer VPX Sports Nutrition
Per Container: 28
Form powder
Serving Size 12.5 grams
Ingredients Calories 36 , Total Carbohydrates 1g, Protein 8g, Vitamin B (Pyridoxine HCl) 2.5mg, Proprietary Essential Amino Acid Blend 8000mg, -L-Leucine , -L-Lysine , -L-Phenylalanine , -L-Threonine , -L-Isoleucine , -L-Valine , -L-Histidine , -L-Methionine , Proprietary Designer Amino Acid Blend 3000mg, -L-Leucine Nitrate , -L-Valine Nitrate , -L-Isoleucine Nitrate , -Beta Alanine , -L-Citrulline Malate , -Anserine , -L-Citrulline Nitrate , -Beta Alanine Nitrate , Natural and Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Sucralean, Citric acid anhydrous.
Other Ingredients .
Directions Mix one scoop of Power Shock with 8 to 10 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. To use the Power Shock Drink & Grow strategy, simply consume Power Shock while you train.
Warning .

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