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Now Wheat Grass - 500 mg 500 tabs

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Quick Overview

Wheat Grass tablets are a rich source of many nutrients. Wheat Grass is harvested in the spring in its early stage of growth on fertile organic Kansas soil. The whole leaf vegetable grass is then carefully dehydrated and tableted to ensure preservation of all its fragile nutritional elements.

Now Wheat Grass 500 mg

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Wheat Grass tablets are a rich source of many nutrients. Wheat Grass is harvested in the spring in its early stage of growth on fertile organic Kansas soil. The whole leaf vegetable grass is then carefully dehydrated and tableted to ensure preservation of all its fragile nutritional elements.

Wheat grass is the young grass of the common variety of the wheat plant. When freshly juiced or dried, this young grass functions as a healthy nutrient, providing chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. In recent years, wheat grass shots and other forms of this powerful plant have found their way in to common parlance. Juice bars offer wheat grass additions and powdered forms of this substance appear in health food stores across the globe.

Some time ago a doctor named Ann Wigmore, founder of Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, began popularizing the use of wheatgrass. According to the doctor, this nutrient rich food was a miracle cure for helping to eliminate cancerous growths and other disorders. Wheat grass, alongside other ‘living foods’ was apparently a powerful cure for a host of disorders, not only physical but mental too.

Wheat grass is full of essential vitamins, minerals and important trace elements. According to some proponents, only one pound of fresh wheatgrass is equivalent to twenty-five pounds of the best vegetables. Chlorophyll has a molecular structure that mimics the oxygen transporting protein of red blood cells, hemoglobin. This, it has been speculated, is the reason for the supreme effectiveness of this miracle food. Researchers have found that anemic animals have their blood counts return to normal after only four or five days of being given chlorophyll.

While the claims about wheatgrass’s ability to cure cancer and other devastating disorders have yet to be substantiated, there is nevertheless evidence that a diet rich in chlorophyll is a useful preventative against colon cancer. This substance at the very least will improve digestion, blood flow and detoxification. Given its high nutrient content, it is also a great way to get many essential vitamins and minerals into your diet without having to eat a large swath of greens.

Although it is still unclear as to whether or not adding wheat grass shots to your diet will actually clear you of all minor and major disorders, it is likely that this addition will help improve your health. Helping your body get the blood and oxygen it needs through the absorption of high levels of chlorophyll will certainly have many long-lasting and life improving effects.

As with all vegetables it is probably best to opt for a live and fresh form rather than rely on powdered drinks. Individuals can grow their own in the windowsill at home, thereby providing you with a steady supply. Grown in indoor trays for about ten days, wheatgrass can make a nice addition to your morning routine.

A fresh squeezed 30 ml shot is about the average daily dose, but for therapeutic uses you may want to up that to approximately 2-4 ounces up to three times a day. If you find that this is too much you may want to lessen the initial dose and work your way up. Some people report a little bit of nausea with the use of this plant, however this most often applies to people with a poor diet unused to consuming fresh greens. Once your body adjusts you should be fine slowly upping your dose. Aside from a cleansing effect, you shouldn’t notice any other mishaps.

Getting enough greens into your diet can be a challenge. As such, whether or not wheatgrass can live up to the sensational claims surrounding its use, rest assured that adding a little to your diet will give you a boost. A powerhouse of chlorophyll and other nutrients, wheat grass will pack a punch. If you need more greens in your diet, this might be just the right plant for you.

• Green Superfood
• Certified Organic Wheat Grass
• Vegetarian Formula
  1. Wheat Grass Review
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    Wheatgrass is the grass of young wheat plants. It is considered a potent health food supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and enzymes. It is a super complete food in that it has 98 out of the 102 earth elements.

    Wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice are great ways to improve the amount of dark greens in your diet. When compared to other vegetables, it is at least twenty times more concentrated in nutrients.

    As wheatgrass is a vegetable in the grass stage, it is safe for those with wheat allergies. The wheatgrass juice is even more nutritious than wheatgrass, as the nutrients are more concentrated and easier for the body to utilize. Wheatgrass powders and capsules are still good sources of wheatgrass nutrients.

    Dr. Ann Wigmore promoted the benefits of wheatgrass as part of living foods diet. She claimed it nourishes as well as detoxifies the body. Additionally, she said it heals pain and illness. However, she was also sued for claiming it cures AIDs, which it does not. Thus while wheatgrass does have real nutritional benefits, you cannot believe everything it claims to cure.

    Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, which can soothe and repair internal tissues. Additionally, chlorophyll possesses antibacterial capabilities to help prevent harmful bacteria from developing in the body.

    Externally wheatgrass juice can be used to restore luster to hair, clean skin, heal cuts and bruises, and treat sinus problems. It can also be used in bath water to improve circulation. It can also be used as a gargle to relieve a sore throat.

    As little as one ounce a day of wheatgrass can deliver a variety of health benefits. Two to three ounces a day might be used when treating particular conditions or illnesses. There are no side effects of using it, as it is a complete food.

    Wheatgrass is available as a liquid, capsules, and tablets. It can also be grown at home and juiced with a juicer to make wheatgrass juice.

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Additional Information

ProductSKU 733739027221
Manufacturer Now
Per Container: 500
Form Tablets
Serving Size 10
Ingredients Calories, Total Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, Protein, Organic Wheat Grass, Beta-Carotene (as pro-Vitamin 1.4 mg), Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2), Calcium, Iron, Potassium , Chlorophyll ,
Other Ingredients Silica and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source). Vegetarian/Vegan Product.
Directions As a dietary supplement, take 5-10 tablets daily, preferably with meals.
Warning .

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