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28 April 2015
The low-card diet is a source of controversy in the nutritional world. The Atkins Diet brought attention to the weight-management benefits provided by carb-restricted eating habits, but this also came with a lack of understanding about the negative side of limiting carb consumption.
21 April 2015
Shelves are lined with protein powder these days, and it isn’t hard to find information explaining the benefits of whey protein powders. But what about the benefits of brown rice protein?
16 April 2015
We’re not getting any younger. Aging is a fact of life that can’t be reversed, but it can be influenced by your choices. What you put into your body directly affects your body’s internal functions and external structures. The health of your skin, hair, and nails is illustrative of the choices you make and the nutrients you consume.
13 April 2015
If you believe the marketing hype, you’d think that a multivitamin supplement is the cure-all for every ailment in existence. That may be a hyperbolic statement, but some marketers take no prisoners in the battle for consumer dollars.
9 April 2015
Joint and muscle mobility is an essential element of good living. Living the good life means more than just being alive. What good is life without the mobility and flexibility to enjoy the years? That’s where Garden of Life Wobenzym comes in.
17 March 2015
Restful sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind, and melatonin sleep aid supplements can ensure that you fall asleep with ease and enjoy a deep, replenishing sleep. Insomnia and other sleep disorders can really put a damper on your ability to function at high level and maintain a healthy mental state.
11 March 2015
If we’re going to talk about ceramides, we have to accept one simple fact before we get started: Fat is not always bad for you. It’s a revelation, I know, but it’s true. We obsess about gaining weight in the form of fat, but everyone requires some fat in their diet to support optimal health.